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On 07/12/2012 10:10 AM, Vu Le wrote:
Hi all,

I have an urgent matter I want to bring to your attention. If you can look into this and confirm, it would be great.

Yesterday, one of our employees downloaded the Windows version from Our IT team alerted us to a trojan horse infection. See below:


Trojan Horse Infection


This incident is a real-time notification for a malware infected host detected on your monitored network. This infection was identified by analyzing your monitored security device logs for known patterns fitting a profile for Trojan horse or backdoor activity.

A Trojan horse is a type of malware characterized by its ability to masquerade as a legitimate application. Many Trojan horses have backdoor communications capabilities. Backdoors allow remote attackers to gather information from or otherwise access the infected  host. 

A malware infected host residing on your protected network poses a risk to your organization. Many types of malware are multi-functional and have network propagation, remote control, data theft and various other capabilities.

Analyst assessment:

The host identified as the source IP address appears to be infected with Trojan LilyJade. The SOC recommends triaging this host for malware infection. 

Can you confirm that this website is serving up malicious content? It seems they are not affiliated with, but are willfully confusing consumers? If so, can you guys get this site shut down and report to search engines like Google to block them, their domain registrar, and to major security providers? It may be a good idea notify all of the journalists who have written articles that link to this site as well.



I'm not on the Gimp development team but a Securi scan of the site did reveal the site HAS been blacklisted by McAfee's SiteAdvisor.



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