Re: [Gimp-user] not very much GIMP related, but... need help, dear Devs!

On 12-06-30 12:35 PM, Nik Omul wrote:
When I used for a very short while 2.7 and 2.8 rc1 versions of GIMP on my
Win7 64 system, I'd noticed a /Edit with GIMP/ line in the file context menu
(note for dummies like myself - that is when you right-click on an image
file). I don't remember which version it was.
My request to the Devs is, could somebody, please, point out the file(s) in
GIMP file system responsible for that feature? It'd be much much

That sounds to me like an issue for the Windows installer of GIMP.

If the Windows installer for GIMP didn't set file associations, or ask if you wanted them set, you can do it yourself. IIRC, the procedure is right click an image, select "Open With", select program (ie. GIMP), and click something to say "always use" the program with that file type.


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