Re: [Gimp-user] how to preserve semi-transparency when converting to indexed

On 02.07.2012 02:49, temp-user wrote:

I used to convert them to indexed so their size would be reduced. Since I installed a new version, the 
semi-transparency is cut off and I have just plain black on transparent background as if there were no 
antialiasing, very ugly.

I too used to use the ability to create indexed color pngs with semi-ransparent pixels.
this ability seems to have been either removed, lost or broken in the more recent release of gimp.

the png format can support it but it looks like gimp just does indexed color conversion  in a very GIF-like 

GIMP has no support for this - there's an ancient bug report about allowing real alpha channels in indexed files, see

The PNG plug-in should load the alpha channel from an indexed PNG file, but you'll have to et the mode to RGB in order to make use of it.


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