Re: [Gimp-user] Thank you developers, for your patience.

On Jul 2, 2012 9:21 PM, "Daniel Smith" <opened to gmail com> wrote:
> I've been reading a lot of these down the nose "developer vs user"
> emails for what seems like a year now? And it strikes me how much this
> I guess is really a possible byproduct of open source development,
> though I think there are many OS packages, Red Hat, Ubuntu etc that
> are committed to "customer satisfaction" and retainment.
> But some of the things you say, Alexandre, you seem to have gotten a
> giant head from being like the sole spokesperson for Gimp. I'm sure
> it's a tiring and thankless role. Sure seems like it. I was just
> reading through this list and actually laughed out loud, considering
> if one called Adobe cust service department and they started out with:
> > This is the core of your delusion.
> That's one of the things you get with paying for software, being
> treated like a person. Even if they are the evil empire and are all in
> it for the money.
> A lot of these lists have been about past users and keeping them vs. not.
> I'm pretty sure a lot of people have read this stuff and decided against.
> But like you said, that's ok too!
> Thank for the laughs.
> >:)
> Dan


Of course, I understand how some people actually like the world revolving around that, but open source is probably the greatest meritocracy existing today. It should stay that way, no matter how many snide emails detractors come up with.

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