Re: [Gimp-user] Thank you developers, for your patience.

On Sun, Jul 1, 2012 at 6:43 PM, houghi wrote:

If the "no's" you mentioned have been lacking arguments like this "no",
then it's not surprising that the community keeps pushing.

First of all, the community isn't pushing. You are not the community,
nor few dozens of people are.

So how many would make it a yes?

It doesn't even matter.

Just curious. I have more often seen that
developers said no and when asked, it was becuse the majority was not
against it and they calculated the silent majority as well.

I've no idea what developers you are talking about, but that weren't
GIMP developers.

Also often the amount of peope should not be a reason. The reason should
more often be reasoning.


Also, it _was_ explained in great many details.

Do you have a pointer? ie a URL with all the information and explanation
about why and/or why not.

Apart from ? No.

Maybe it would make sense compiling all replies from Peter and other
folks into another wiki page, but personally I don't feel like going
through the whole discussion again to pick useful bits.

Also I would be interested in knowing if the
default can be changed easily. e.g. I always work with jpg files.

It can't.

As is with communities, you need to do the explanation more then once or
provide where it can be found.

I've already done the explanation more than once. What's your point?

Alexandre Prokoudine

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