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Thanks for your help.  I was not able to access the net sooner so I am sorry for the late reply.  I guess 
then what I need to do is (- please may you correct me if I have misunderstood your advice)

1.  deinstall Gimp and all its components
2.  open Windows system 32 file - find intl.dll - and then rename it to intl.bak
3.  download and reinstall Gimp 
4.  Upon reattempt at installation of Gimp in theory, it should then not recognise or confuse System32's 
intl.dll (now called intl.bak) with its own thus installing itself correctly with all its extensions 
5.  reopen Windows32 system folder and rename intl.bak to the original intl.dll

Hope I have it right?  I can see how it should work if it is confusing HP's System32 intl.dll with it's own.

One more question if you would oblige - do I have to do this -every time that I start up Gimp or just this 
once when installing it?

Thanks so much for you time again.


"NoviceGimper", your first query was not at all posted to the wrong thread. I also tried to install GIMP-2.0 
on my new HP ProBook running Windows 7 (WIN32) and got conflict between the intl.dll (a small 44KB Dynamic 
Link Library used by the HP logon procedure; the file is in the subdirectory C:/Windows/System32 together 
with intl.cpl, a Control Panel item).  The reason is that GIMP has its own intl.dll much larger library 
(165KB), whence all these missing items because GIMP looks first into C:/Windows/System32 and finds the HP 
intl.dll which has nothing to do with it. The FAQ we both refer to is IMO misleading inasmuch as one should 
not remove the intl.dll found on the HP --- it is hardly "broken" ! --- otherwise the HP logon procedure 
will stall and you'll be in trouble if you erased it. Made weary of such a rash procedure I simply had 
changed its extension to intl.bak and once I had regained control I simply changed it back. Meanwhile 
GIMP-2.0 was correctly installed and worked as far as I could tell. But I only tried GIMP because on my new 
HP I cannot use the copy of PhotoShop I bought for my old Dell. Thus it was more important/convenient for me 
to return my HP to its original  logon procedure. Too bad for GIMP. I would have expected of GIMP to look 
first in its own stock of DLL's as indeed do the Computer Algebra Systems I am familiar with but apparently 
this is not possible. Jernej Simončič replied to me that: >> Because the DLL search path in Windows is 
roughly "executable directory,
Windows\System32, Windows, %PATH%". Unfortunately, GIMP's plug-ins are all
individual executables, but they don't reside in the same directory as
gimp.exe, and as such look for DLLs in the System32 directory before
looking in GIMP's install dir.
In that case I can only suggest to try the following procedure (at your own risk if your HP differs from 
mine!). Logon as usual and just before installing and then using GIMP change the HP intl.dll into intl.bak 
(assuming you give yourself the authority to do so). After you have finishd with GIMP do not forget to 
return intl.bak to its original extension: intl.dll Well that is not very nice but not as rash (foolish?) 
as deleting the original intl.dll and I cannot suggest anything else nor did anyone else so far.  I wish 
GIMP and/or HP would have used a more specific and imaginative file name than intl !!! René.> Date: Tue, 17 
Jan 2012 14:51:18 +0100
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Hi there 

I think I may have posted this question into the wrong thread.  Hoping someone can help me.  I have become 
quite fond of GIMP and use it to make posters, images and colouring pages for my classroom.  I recently 
was given a new HP Probook 4530s with Intel Core i5 processor and it is running Windows 7.  I tried to 
download and install Gimp 2.6 but when I start up I get an error saying:  The procedure entry point 
libintl_setlocale could not be located in the dynamic link library intl.dll.

On the Gimp FAQ - it says that this is a fault connected to HP machines and that a broken app placed the 
file in the system32 directory.  It also says that I should rename the file and it should work.

I am not quite computer savvy - so I would like someone in the know to help me out here.

1.  What should I rename the file to?  And should I move the file from the system 32 folder to like some 
Gimp folder?

2.  Some other HP user said that renaming the file interefered with some Logon User Interface - I am not 
going to pretend like I even understand what this means - but it reads as if merely renaming the file 
caused something else to malfunction.  

Like I said earlier - I am very naive when it comes to computers and how they work so may I please ask 
someone who has successfully resolved the problem to talk me through step-by-step (I mean like seriously 
treat me as if I am someone who has just learned to turn a PC on) on how to fix this problem.

I sont even know what to rename the offending system 32 file.  Is that intl.dll file the system32 file for 
windows - or does it contain all the files for Gimp including legitimate Windows files.  Uuuurgh - so 
As far as I can see when I start up Gimp - all the plug-ins and things like web-browser.exe files cannot 
be found.  I dont know what registry items and all that in-the-know pc speak is all about.  I really need 
my hand held on this. 

Can anyone help out a naive schoolteacher in Africa with this?  Anyone?  Sorry if I posted this twice by 
accident (told ya - dumb pc user I am!)


NoviceGimper (via gimpusers.com)
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NoviceGimper (via gimpusers.com)

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