[Gimp-user] Startup problems

Excellent - I also wondered if I could copy the the file into Gimp folder.  But like I said - too naive on a 
computer so I was nervous to try anything.
You are wonderfully kind - thanks again for your brilliant help.  Going to try doing this tomorrow evening 
when I have some time.

(totally overcast but hot and humid as any other regular Summery day in South Africa)

Hi Candice, Let me spell it out again with my sincere apologies to all the non-HP GIMP users for boring them 
to tears but not eternally I hope!

On my HP ProBook 4730s I had indeed managed to install GIMP by first changing the HP version of intl.dll 
into intl.bak. For further reference the GIMP installer had created a head directory GIMP-2.0 in the 
C:/Program Files of my HP.

To get the flavour of GIMP I just used it for some image manipulations I routinely use with Photoshop on my 
old Dell, a rather expensive software which cannot be transferred to my new HP. I was impressed by GIMP 
which is free-ware after all.

Then of course I returned my HP to its original set-up by changing intl.bak into intl.dll because I had 
found out with earlier attempts that the HP login would no longer work without that file and had to be 
by-passed just to regain control --- that depends how you customised your HP in the first place. Once the HP 
login procedure is returned to normal the activation of Gimp fails. (At once script-fu.exe cannot find 
something in that intl.dll library.) No use to complain to HP. I got nowhere with HP support on the matter 
of their login procedure for their ProBok S-series, whether some GIMP users might deem that procedure 
"broken" or not.

I thought you would have to repeat the procedure used to install GIMP each time you'd want to use GIMP. A 
bit of a pain...  However Kevin Brubeck Unhammer wondered if one could not circumvent GIMP's "plug-in" 
problem on the HP by copying GIMP's intl.dll into any GIMP subdirectory containing a plug-in. At least this 
couldn't interfere with anything but GIMP.  Thus I copied the intl.dll file from GIMP-2.0/bin into 
GIMP-2.0/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins where all the plug-ins seem to be collected (including the script-fu.exe 
above) and presto I was in business! The results of running again my previous tests were just as expected 
BUT only a GIMP expert could tell us if this is the solution of the HP problem. I have some doubt that it is 
that simple otherwise it would have been already known... Thanks to Kevin anyway for his suggestion and 
greetings from (wet) Sydney. René.

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Thanks for your help.  I was not able to access the net sooner so I am sorry for the late reply.  I guess 
then what I need to do is (- please may you correct me if I have misunderstood your advice)

1.  deinstall Gimp and all its components
2.  open Windows system 32 file - find intl.dll - and then rename it to intl.bak
3.  download and reinstall Gimp 
4.  Upon reattempt at installation of Gimp in theory, it should then not recognise or confuse System32's 
intl.dll (now called intl.bak) with its own thus installing itself correctly with all its extensions 
5.  reopen Windows32 system folder and rename intl.bak to the original intl.dll

Hope I have it right?  I can see how it should work if it is confusing HP's System32 intl.dll with it's 

One more question if you would oblige - do I have to do this -every time that I start up Gimp or just this 
once when installing it?

Thanks so much for you time again.


NoviceGimper (via gimpusers.com)

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