Re: [Gimp-user] gimp startup failure

Hi Evan,

though I use GIMP with LINUX, what I really recommend, I will try to
help you.
As I see, the verbose output shows nothing suspicous.

A few questions:

1. Before you killed GIMP in the task manager, what happend? It might be
the same problem why GIMP now doesn't start at all.
2. When installing GIMP new, you should edit the registry before. It's
possible that there is a conflict with a registry entry from the
previous instattation.



evan neumann schrieb:
I have been using Gimp for a few years now and have become very
dependent on it for my personal project: <>

But I aborted a process a few weeks ago by using Task Manager to end
the gimp.exe process. When I restarted my computer, Gimp would not
restart. I unistalled Gimp, removed the local files and then
re-installed. But still no joy.

I have looked all over the interwebs looking for the problem but still
can't find anything wrong.  I have attached the gimp console output
when started in --verbose:


My computer is running Windows XP Professional SP3 on an AMD Athlon
chip and 2 Gigs of RAM.

Thanks in advance,


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