[Gimp-user] Tablet issues GIMP 2.6

Has anyone else seen this type of issue before?  This is on a brand new install of Linux Mint 12 and GIMP is 
installed from Synaptics.  I have seen this same behavior several times when installing Mint/Ubuntu and using 
the package manager across two totally different physical machines. 

However, on the same install(have not done on this machine yet), building 2.7.x from source(git) does NOT 
have this problem.  The tablet is a Wacome Bamboo Fun CTE-650.   Note that the problem seems to have popped 
up on Ubuntu 11.10 as I don't remember it happening on previous version, but I won't swear to that as I have 
installed my Laptop several times (turns out it is likely a hardware issue with the power controller "card" 
going bad instead of software issues as I thought.. hence the reinstalls) in the past 4-5 months or 
so(whenever 11.10 came out, I installed it the same day.)

Here is link to a picture showing the funky behavior.   Basically, in the image, I am drawing a line roughly 
diagonally from the top right to bottom left and GIMP freaks out and "draws" a line either to the top or 
right of the image.   Note that it's fairly inconsistent.. sometimes it will happen not happen at all for 
several "lines" other times it might happen multiple times in a single line(as in the screenshot).   Also, I 
can't say one way or another if the issue has to do with direction of the line, but I think I have reproduced 
drawing in other directions also.


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