Re: [Gimp-user] Format Text

On 02/24/2012 07:30 AM, rich wrote:

I think this is what you want. Started off with screenshots but easier to make a video.  about 3 mins

If it is, then get the Gimp script from

Read the info there as well.

Remember, once rendered the text is no longer editable as text - it is a graphic.

Also worth thinking 'alternative'  LibreOffice/OpenOffice/MSOffice all have a 'TextArt' function. 
Make it there, save as a graphic file (say, png), import into Gimp.

Hey y'all,

I know the request was for a way to do this in the GIMP, but I think
I would use Inkscape for this specific task.  Check out this
illustration of Inkscape's envelope deformation tool:

There are a couple of reasons for preferring a vector editor here: 
The font you are starting out with is a vector based image and
converting it to a pixel map before deforming it will inevitably
give lower resolution.  Also, if you are creating a logo for
commercial use, your finished image may eventually be a source file
for use on everything from matchbooks and keychains to truck wraps
and billboards, not to mention labels, packaging, laser etching,
etc.  So you need an image that can be scaled to any size without
loss of resolution and imported by CAD/CAM applications or exported
as a "normal" image when required.  It is also helpful if your logo
can be made with a palette that permits it to be printed using spot
colors rather than a 4-color process.  That would be a vector based
image and the SVG format is one of the safer bets.



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