[Gimp-user] Web development question?

Hey all. I would hope this might get some responses...

I just today saved my first png file.
In doing so Gimp came up with a choice box, as to parameters you can choose
or not:

Interlacing (Adam7) (whatever that is)
Save background color
Save gamma
Save layer offset
Save resolution
Save creation time

Can anyone tell me which of these options they use?
What does Adam7 mean?

I am looking to create some web pages with drupal.
Can anyone tell me their process they use to do
a similar goal? (With drupal or WP, etc.) What I'm thinking
is that certain of the settings are compatible or not with
the blogging engine or not? do you use png or jpeg?, etc.

Just wondering. Trying to get up to speed.

Thanks so much.


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