[Gimp-user] GIMP and Tablets ...endless story, I expect.


I have an Aiptek6000U tablet, for which I finally got the kernel driver
working. "evtest" reports what seems to be correct.

Event: time 1329324589.249332, -------------- Report Sync ------------
Event: time 1329324589.265320, type 3 (Absolute), code 0 (X), value 155
Event: time 1329324589.265326, type 3 (Absolute), code 1 (Y), value 19
Event: time 1329324589.265328, type 3 (Absolute), code 24 (Pressure),
value 511
Event: time 1329324589.265332, type 1 (Key), code 331 (Stylus), value 1
Event: time 1329324589.265334, -------------- Report Sync ------------
Event: time 1329324589.313317, type 3 (Absolute), code 0 (X), value 154
Event: time 1329324589.313325, type 3 (Absolute), code 1 (Y), value 22
Event: time 1329324589.313328, -------------- Report Sync ------------
Event: time 1329324589.321342, type 3 (Absolute), code 1 (Y), value 23
Event: time 1329324589.321352, -------------- Report Sync ------------
Event: time 1329324589.345308, type 3 (Absolute), code 1 (Y), value 24
Event: time 1329324589.345317, -------------- Report Sync ------------
Event: time 1329324589.465290, type 3 (Absolute), code 24 (Pressure),
value 240
Event: time 1329324589.465300, -------------- Report Sync ------------
Event: time 1329324589.473289, type 3 (Absolute), code 24 (Pressure),
value 233
Event: time 1329324589.473297, -------------- Report Sync ------------
Event: time 1329324589.481287, type 3 (Absolute), code 24 (Pressure),
value 222
Event: time 1329324589.481296, type 1 (Key), code 331 (Stylus), value 0
Event: time 1329324589.481299, type 3 (Absolute), code 40 (Misc), value 33
Event: time 1329324589.481301, -------------- Report Sync ------------

X11 is configured as follows:

Section "InputClass"
 Identifier "pen"
 MatchProduct "Aiptek|AIPTEK|aiptek"
 MatchDevicePath "/dev/input/event*"
 Driver "aiptek"
 Option "USB" "on"
 Option "Type" "stylus"
 Option "Mode" "absolute"
 Option "zMin" "0"
 Option "zMax" "511"

However, I had a hard time to get GIMP to do what I want. I configured
the tablet through Edit->Preferences->Input Devices->Configure Extended
Input devices->Device: Aiptek, Mode: Screen, Axes: X-1, Y-2, Pressure-3.
Xtilt-none, Ytilt-none. Moving the Stylus cursor and pressure works. Now
to the big BUT:

To have the stylus drawing I have to press the lower button on it. This
works *sometimes*. And there is no way to stop drawing again. Plus,
switching tools is not possible, GIMP doesn't react to the keyboard
while the stylus is in use.

What I'm doing wrong? How is it supposed to work?

Kind regards


gerard82 (via gimpusers.com)
If you use KDE as a desktop you might wanna try kde-misc/wacomtablet.
Despite it's name it supports quite a few graphic tablets and some Aiptek models among them.

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