Re: [Gimp-user] Picure database

the only thing i was thinking, just thought i'd throw it in for my two
cents, was an online system?
like flikr, picassa, or esp. (gad)
they let you store bigger files.
might want to check it out.

On 2/10/12, rich <forums gimpusers com> wrote:
I plan to use Gimp as my preferred tool for picture editing. But then i
need another tool for organazing photos with tags and ratings.
What tool do you recommend that mix well with Gimp? For example I want to
doubleclick in the organizer tool to start to edit in Gimp.

If you don't want anything obtrusive or heavyweight try XnView

Versions for most OS's - if using linux, first have a look in your repo

There is also a beta XnViewMP, which is excellent.

As well as tagging, rating and adding to categories you can set Gimp as the
default editor and open an image.

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