[Gimp-user] Gimp-2.7 Help/Manual?

On Mon, Feb 6, 2012 at 10:59 PM, gerard82 wrote:

In 2.6 you can click "Use color from gradient".
This has gone from 2.7.x!

Moved, not gone.

Create a new paint dynamics definition, map Color to Fade, in brush
settings choose a gradient. Then try it on canvas :)

Alexandre Prokoudine

Thanks Alexandre.
When I open the dynamics editor I can go to color but everyhing is grayed out.
Same for brush settings.
I looked in Edit>Preferences but couldn't find anything that should be set to enable/disable setting these.
What am I doing wrong or what might be missing?
I compiled babl,gegl and gimp from git.gnome.org and it all went w/o a hitch.
I am using Gentoo Linux.

gerard82 (via gimpusers.com)

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