Re: [Gimp-user] GIMP 2.7, - 2 simple questions

Kekko <forums gimpusers com> writes:

Hi everybody,
just two simple questions about GIMP 2.7.4 that I installed on Linux Ubuntu 11.10.
1. In previous versions of GIMP the shortcut ctrl+E allowed to put the image entirely in the frame while 
now ctrl+E is the command for exporting the image: do you know how to have a simple shortcut to replicate 
what ctrl+E did in 2.6 version?

ctrl+J / ctrl+shift-J, according to

2. Why the command "Save as" don't allow to save in jpg? Now we are forced to use Export in order to save 
an image in jpg format.

Yes, we are :) If you only work in JPG, just think of Export as saving,
you can ignore the "save" menu item.

Some good reasons for splitting it in two items:

I at least prefer having both the full, untainted XCF available at all
times, and once in a while I'll export to JPG/PNG, this used to require
a lot of maintenance before, now I can just to ctrl+s or ctrl+e
depending on whether I want to save or export.

Also, when saving as JPG etc. in 2.6, you would get a warning about how
layer information is lost. This you don't get now, saving always
preserves all information, it is assumed that when you export, you're
aware that information is lost. It's a lot more honest, in my opinion.

Kevin Brubeck Unhammer

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