Re: [Gimp-user] Gimp-2.8_Save and save as bad behavior

On Sunday 12 August 2012 09:01:21 Ken Warner wrote:

> Your implied assertion that people who remain silent support the new

> interface cannot be validated -- just like the arbitrary design choices

> that led to this discussion.

> On 8/12/2012 8:25 AM, isabel brison wrote:

> > Let's think: how many people have written in about this? Fifty, a hundred?

> > Count the emails if you like. And then there are thousands more GIMP

> > users who didn't find the issue was worth complaining about. Are you

> > seriously claiming to speak for those people? Any disgruntled GIMP user

> > can probably find this list if they have something to say. If they don't,

> > then they don't.


I am usually silent on matters like these but too much is too much. A crystal clear explanation has been given. Why can't it just be, "OK I understand what you are saying, Alexandre. Thank you and goodbye"?


I support the new interface. I am one of the silent one who is now standing up.



Fortune cookie for Monday, August 13, 2012:


Will Rogers never met you.


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