Re: [Gimp-user] Gimp-2.8_Save and save as bad behavior

On Sunday 12 August 2012 21:02:07 Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:

> On Sun, Aug 12, 2012 at 8:30 PM, daniel wrote:

> > Is there any reason you skipped over the part about the damage caused by

> > deviations from the accepted standard for user interface behavior and how

> > it affects not only the user work flow in GiMP but also in other programs

> > a user may use at the same time?


> Yes, there is a reason. I'm bored to death explaining that this is not

> a deviation. But since you are specifically asking about it...


> GIMP is targeted at workflows that involve multilayered projects,

> masks, paths etc. If you pick pretty much any serious digital media

> production tool that combines bits of data inside, you'll see that it

> only saves to its native file format and maybe to a few exchange file

> formats such as AAF or OMF.


> Compositing software such as Nuke or Ramen? Check.

> Digital audio workstations such as Logic or Ardour? Check.

> Non-linear video editors such as Premiere or Kdenlive? Check.


> Do their provide optional saving behavior? Check.


> I've already heard people coming with professional background in media

> production wondering, why folks make all this fuzz about save/export.

> Because the change makes sense to them, and it's exactly the kind of

> people we are targeting.


> And targeting a certain group of people (or, rather, their workflows)

> doesn't mean that we hate other groups of users and their workflows or

> neglect them. The whole secondary workflow was designed to address the

> needs of people who want to just save changes back to the original

> file. This is how we "hate" you.


> > We've gone from "it seemed like a good idea at the time" to "it's too late

> > to change, the decision has been made."


> _We_ haven't.


> Alexandre Prokoudine



Thank you yet again for the repeated explanation, Alexandre.


Allow me to just add in simple terms, GIMP, as excellent as an editor that it is aimed at WORKFLOWS, and although a simple Open File > Resize > Export (Ctrl+E or Shift+Ctrl+E ... or if anyone wishes, remap the shortcut to Ctrl+S) is also tolerable, the developers' target is serious GIMP use.


The choices are simple. If users cannot adapt, stay with 2.6 or look for another editor that works for the users' purposes. Or learn to adapt, which requires very little amount of effort and brain function. If you feel, you've been left out, that is just too bad. Learn to live with it.


Give it up with the "hate" messages. It is clear that the changes are here to stay. I want it to stay, as do many others.


Respect to those who deserve,




Fortune cookie for Monday, August 13, 2012:


ASHes to ASHes, DOS to DOS.


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