Re: [Gimp-user] How can I create huge billboard sized files in super high dpi?

Also, Tara if you Google: "printing dpi vs pixels"
it comes up with some very good results having to
do with what you're trying to accomplish, especially
this one:
which specifically addresses at some point a 1400 dpi printer.
And this one makes it "pretty" clear:
I had read these so long ago I forgot, and
I am going with "the printer is 1400 dpi, not your image file" theory.
What I would do is set up a small test run of some sort with the printer,
where you try one or a few of your best fabric pieces, with intricate color
and design complexities, and see if there's any difference for each at
say like 144, 200, 300 px/inch Then adjust to taste. You will probably
want to be able to go as low as possible on px/inch if you do stay bitmap
and you do need one continuous file, cause even then that's gonna be a giant.
Unless you can go with vectors.Very interesting though.

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