Re: [Gimp-user] How can I create huge billboard sized files in super high dpi?

On 12-04-24 09:44 PM, Tara Gover wrote:
Just today, I installed the latest GIMP, and it doesn't seem to be
letting me create even a 58x72 inch image in 1440 dpi.

When you select File -> New from the menus, expand (ie. click on) "Advanced Options". It will give you some additional controls where you can specify the image resolution in pixels/in. You can then enter the image width and height as 58 and 72 respectively and set the units to "inches".

For an image of the size you are talking about, a vector based image might be more appropriate but that is for you to decide based on the type of imagery you want. (ie. photos vs pen/ink illustrations).


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