[Gimp-user] How do you use a tablet to draw in GIMP?

Hi all,

I have a Wacom tablet I'm trying to get working with GIMP under Linux. By default (before I change anything) the tablet appears like a mouse and I can draw on a canvas just like using the mouse. But this doesn't give me pressure control.

I went into Edit | Preferences | Input Devices and clicked Configure, then enabled the tablet's stylus device. Now when I move the pen around on the tablet, the mouse cursor still moves around on the screen and selects tools like before, but I can't actually draw anything any more.

When I move the mouse over the canvas with the paintbrush tool selected I get a small dashed rectangle around the tip of the mouse cursor indicating where the ink will go when I click the mouse button, but this dashed rectangle disappears when I use the stylus pen, even though I have the paintbrush tool selected. The Device Status dialog does update as I select tools with the stylus pen, I just can't make any marks on the canvas.

I am not sure why GIMP doesn't seem to notice I am trying to draw with the tablet pen. In the Configure Extended Input Devices screen there is a tab for Keys which I thought maybe I had to do something with, but it only seems to let me type in keyboard keys into those fields and the GIMP documentation skips over it completely so I don't really have any idea what it's for.

How do you tell GIMP to draw, using pressure, when the stylus pen is touching the tablet surface?


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