Re: [Gimp-gui] About the "floating selection"

On 12/3/20 12:45 AM, Liam R E Quin wrote:
On Thu, 2020-12-03 at 00:10 +0100, Jehan wrote:
- When pasting on a layer mask, still make a floating selection (but
probably name it "Floating mask" because the name "Floating
*selection*" is weird anyway).
How much work would it be to support multiple masks, and have paste
create a new additional mask?
It'd need
move up, move down, merge down, delete
and a UI to choose which one you're editing.
Is it worth the effort?

It would definitely be nice. And I believe I even saw a report asking for this not so long ago. And I'm sure it would be worth the effort for whoever has intense usage of masks.

In our case, we do use masks, but not enough for me to put too much priority on this. I mean, I might implement if I got very bored some day, but don't count too much on it (not for GIMP 3.0 at least). I prefer to go the easy way and leave a "floating mask" concept as a remnant of the old "floating selection" until someone decides to implement it. 😛

Alternatively, your suggestion is fine, but may be even harder for
people who are now certain to be unfamiliar with floating layers.
Well someone who starts using mask has most certainly already some good usage where they at least read/watch some tutorials, books or classes or whatever else with GIMP. It's not a beginner feature. So I don't think that this actually counts the same as the current usage of floating selection for something as basic as layers.
Maybe draw a thick green border round a floating selection with an on-
canvas anchor at lower right???

Getting rid of floating selections as much as possible seems worth it;
retaining them, with all the code and GUI, for one fairly obscure (but
awesome) use case seems not as good. E.g. there's an anchor button on
the bottom of the Layers dock which would only become active when
pasting into a mask.

How about just getting rid of floating selections altogether, with the
awareness that we want multiple masks in the future?

We know for a fact that removing features do not go so well and there is always someone using it who will come and complain (relevant XKCD: Also if it were something actually useless/bad, I may understand, but here it's actually useful (for whoever uses masks intensively, and many people do).

Also for years, when we had been asking about floating selections to Mitch, he would tell me this use case of pasting to masks, and I never really understood what he meant (because, same as Alex, I was like "well just merge into the mask if it is selected") until today. So pretty sure he won't agree either. And really me too, I don't want now that I got it. It's not a good idea to remove preventively before we actually implemented the alternative.

In any case the code already exists and it works at least. It won't be hard to keep them. Sure I would have preferred to remove it all from a maintenance point of view. But it's not like it would be insanely hard otherwise.


ankh (Liam)

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