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In the many things I work on, there is trying to make sense of the "Configure Input Devices" dialog. Back in 2.10 (and below), the main reason for this was to set the mode to "Screen" for tablet styluses (to have pressure and other inputs working). This is now mostly useless in the dev version (future GIMP 3.0) as the styluses inputs will work whatever the mode now. We still set the mode to "Screen" for tablet styluses and "Disabled" for the rest, but that is only about making a device its own independant device or merging inputs from various physical devices as though they belonged to the same virtual device. I will probably change a bit this dropdown to make it more semantically understandable.

Another change I did was remove the "Keys" list. After a long discussion with Carlos Garnacho, we came to the conclusion that it is a useless feature and probably has always been useless because pointer devices (though the dialog is called "Input devices", it actually only shows pointer devices) don't have keys. I also thought this was about configuring MIDI devices, but this feature has its own dialog ("Additional Input Controllers" in preferences).

So that's a first question: if we missed something and if this was actually useful and working for somebody, now is the time to tell us what these keys are and how it ever worked for you. See the "device-keys.png" image if you are not sure what I am talking about.

The second thing is about this little drop down next to each of the device axes (see "device-use.png"). From what it looks from the code, this is about changing the "use" of an axis. I first thought you could for instance invert X and Y or similar specific use cases. But this never worked for me. In the end, I have no idea if this is broken, if it never worked or if it requires something specific to be done to actually work. So I am tempted to remove this because this has always been a source of confusion.

This is the second query for the list: has it ever worked for you? How does it work? What does it do (or supposed to)? And so on.



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