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On 12/3/20 12:39 AM, Alexandre Prokoudine via gimp-gui-list wrote:
On Thu, Dec 3, 2020 at 2:20 AM Jehan wrote:
- When pasting on a layer mask, still make a floating selection (but
probably name it "Floating mask" because the name "Floating *selection*"
is weird anyway).
I don't understand the workflow where editing a future mask separately
in a whole different layer is required.

If the contents of the mask need to be edited, this is done by
displaying the mask over the drawable. There is a command for that,
it's easy to locate.

lol did you check who sent this?

As you can guess, we kind of know this. 😉

So if a mask is selected, paste right into the mask, enable that mask
view mode, and edit away, then disable the mask viewing mode. End of

And then you lost the data which was behind the pasted data because of the merge. On the other hand, say you wanted to paste to another position in the mask, you can do this *before* the merge, and actually tweak your pasted data before merging. You can for instance refine the data bounds (fun stuff: make a selection while the floating layer is running to refine the actual pasted data). You can even transform your pasted data (rotate, scale, etc. all the transform tools work on the floating selection) without touching the existing mask.

Just make the test, and you should see what I mean.

If we drop floating layers for this one use case at least, we definitely lose some abilities for mask edition (well we can obviously reproduce them differently but far as easily). Only better workflow (as I can see right now) would be if there was multi-mask ability per layer (same as we have multi-layers).


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