Re: [Gimp-gui] About the "floating selection"

On Thu, Dec 3, 2020 at 2:20 AM Jehan wrote:

# Proposition

So our idea (at ZeMarmot project) would be:

- When pasting on a layer, just create a new layer over the selected
ones. Done. No floating selection anymore.


- When pasting on a layer mask, still make a floating selection (but
probably name it "Floating mask" because the name "Floating *selection*"
is weird anyway).

I don't understand the workflow where editing a future mask separately
in a whole different layer is required.

If the contents of the mask need to be edited, this is done by
displaying the mask over the drawable. There is a command for that,
it's easy to locate.

So if a mask is selected, paste right into the mask, enable that mask
view mode, and edit away, then disable the mask viewing mode. End of


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