Re: [Gimp-gui] Make the selected tool default to the Color Picker instead of the last tool used


Le 6 nov. 2015 à 08:18, Elle Stone <ellestone ninedegreesbelow com> a écrit :

On 11/05/2015 05:39 PM, Jehan wrote:
That would leave all the tools that are under various menus, but don't
have icons to put them in the toolbox. Maybe a generic icon for "all
other tools?

Which tools? Are you sure they are tools and not filters?

Most are filters, as they are under the filters menu. And there are a few other editing operations sprinkled around the menu tree that don't seem to have associated icons/cursors and also can't be put in the toolbox.

A generic "other editing operation" icon/cursor might be a nice thing to display when the selected editing operation doesn't have an editing-operation-specific" icon/cursor.

What is the defining difference between a filter and a tool, other than the place they show up in the menu and whether they can be put in the toolbox?

Filters are basically plugins/scripts made to edit pixels (though nowadays they have mostly been re-implemented as GEGL operations instead), and as such they have a very limited interaction with GIMP GUI as of today (limited by the API GIMP provides). As far as I know, GIMP has no API to change the cursor to be used over the main canvas. Moreover you can perfectly run several plugins at once (which in many cases — in particular for these plugins which actually edit pixels — would not be wise), so how would this be dealt with anyway?

Tools are hard-coded in GIMP, not through plugins, and you can only select one tool at a time. Being hard coded in GIMP core, they have access to any part of a GUI that you are willing to implement. But users are not able to create their own tools without going through the normal upstream validation.


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