Re: [Gimp-gui] Make the selected tool default to the Color Picker instead of the last tool used


On 2015-11-05 21:24, Elle Stone wrote:
On 11/05/2015 01:26 PM, Jehan wrote:

On 2015-11-03 18:36, Elle Stone wrote:

When working on an image, sometimes it seems like I use the Color
Picker after just about every editing operation. Having to
deliberately click on the tool icon to rechoose the Color Picker of
itself is tedious. But I can ease that issue by assigning (and using)
a keyboard shortcut.

Here's what seems to be the real problem:

For many tools, including Curves and Levels, the selected tool's
Cursor doesn't actually appear until I "touch" the canvas, at which
point the last-used operation dialog pops up and I have to dismiss
that dialog and then choose the Color Picker.

I'm wondering if the issue in your specific example is not rather than the cursor of "Curves" is nearly the same as the cursor of the "Color
Picker" (a small pipette)? Maybe this is confusing?

It would help a lot if the Color Picker Cursor were changed, or rather
preferably change the Curves cursor and keep the Color Picker Cursor
the same.

It would help a lot (this would be the key change) if the selected
tool's Cursor could immediately display "on hover", *before* clicking
on the canvas, for more tools, specifically including Levels, Curves,
Desaturate, and other tools with icons that can be put in the toolbox.

For me, this is an obvious bug. The Curves tool was not considered
"enabled" at selection but at initialization (which happened only when
you start computing, i.e. at the first click). Fixed with commits
011c6db for Curves.

Thanks! that's a nice commit. That makes Curves indicate that it's the
chosen tool by showing the cursor icon upon hovering over the image,
and also it causes the status bar to display the cursor icon and some
explanatory text. The "show icon upon hover is the more useful of the
two for people like me who tend to have no status bar, no menu bar,
ect cluttering up the available screen real estate.

Desaturate on the other hand does not have any cursor here, which may
seem understandable since it does not look like it has a lot of
interaction on canvas. Does it have a special cursor in your case?
As for Levels, the cursor changes only when you explicitly check one of
the "Pick white/black/grey point" button, and disappears after, which
seems reasonable and consistent to me.
Did I miss something for these 2 tools?

I went into Preferences and put every possible tool in the toolbox and
checked to see what happens upon hovering over the image.

These tools indicate that they are the selected tool by showing an
icon when hovering over the image, and also by displaying the icon in
the status bar, along with some explanatory text:

color picker
ellipse select
foreground select
free select
fuzzy select
rectangle select
scissors select
select by color

These tools indicate that they are the selected tool by showing an
icon when hovering over the image. But they don't show an icon or
explanatory text in the status bar.

bucket fill
perspective clone
unified transform

These tools don't show an icon upon hovering over the image and also
don't show any explanatory text in the status bar:

color balance

(As an aside, the second gegl icon doesn't seem to do anything. Though
if you click on the image, the history dialog shows that a gegl
operation happened.)

As all the tools listed above do have very nice icons, it would be
nice if their icons would show upon hovering over the image.

That would leave all the tools that are under various menus, but don't
have icons to put them in the toolbox. Maybe a generic icon for "all
other tools?

Which tools? Are you sure they are tools and not filters?

What are the criteria that separate "shows the icon" tools from
"doesn't show the icon" tools?

Different implementers? :-)
Joke aside, I think many tools UI were just made up as developers coded them and the only resemblances comes from getting ideas from existing tools and copy-pasting code. There is no real consistency.

I'll have a look at your list later. Maybe we could spec a base expected behavior for any tool (for things such as cursor, status bar icons and text…) upon which each should specify their more specific behavior on.

If there are any missing icons or specific cursors which would make sense for given tools, do not hesitate to contribute.



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