Re: [Gimp-gui] Curve-bend plugin as an on-canvas tool

On 02/11/15 19:36, Elle Stone wrote:

Could you give some examples of "on canvas" tools and "not on canvas" tools from GIMP 2.9? And maybe an example or two of a tool that is currently not on canvas, that would be a good candidate for being "on canvas"? I don't think I really understand the difference. Is drawing a gradient an "on canvas" tool?


"Filter>Distorts>Curve bend" is not on-canvas. You see the preview on a small version of your picture, and the effect is applied to the real drawable after you strike "OK". Not the exact distortion required? Too bad, Ctrl-Z and redo from scratch.

The "Cage" tool does something similar, but it's on-canvas: you see the effect directly on the actual drawable. You can drag until you get a match with something on another layer, and get the position just right in one interaction.

I believe this is the main difference between Tools and Plugins. Allowing plug-ins to be fully-fledged Tools would be a truly nice thing (or having an interface for "pluggable" tools).

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