Re: [Gimp-docs] Would like to work on the color management documentation

On 01/27/2014 10:11 AM, Andrew Douglas Pitonyak wrote:

I expect that learning to use git and how to build is more of an
obstacle than learning enough about docbook since the framework is
already in place. It is a bit more difficult if you add or modify a
figure, but, if all you do is add / change text, you will probably find
it straight forward.

Andrew, thanks! for words of encouragement.

Somewhere a document says that the Gimp XML lines should be no more than 87(?) characters long. The README says "Use any editor you want, but you should handle it well. Please keep in mind, that the tab width in XML Mode should be 2 spaces."

So any recommendations on an xml editor? Preferably one that can be set to automatically use the right line length and tab width? And preferably can validate?

From my personal point of view, eclipse (too big), vim (never learned), and jedit (I don't like java-based programs) are not options. Currently I use bluefish for html and geany for writing code. A quick search for xml editors that run on Linux turns up too much to choose from, although xmlcopyeditor looks promising.

Also, I can write html as easily as writing plain text. Is there a utility that converts from html to xml? It seems like it might be easier for me to modify "gimp-imaging-color-management.html" and "gimp-pimping.html#gimp-prefs-color-management" to make sure everything looks and reads like I want it to, and then convert the html to xml, if that's possible, and then clean up the resulting xml, if necessary.


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