Re: [Gimp-developer] How to compile a vala GIMP plugin on Windows pc?

On Sun, 2021-01-03 at 22:35 -0800, Pen Guin via gimp-developer-list
Thanks everyone, for your valuable input.


* I have installed msys2 on my windows 8 pc.

haha thank you for proving us wrong! ;:-) that's awesome. (and i'm not
being sarcastic)

Question 1: To get GIMP header files and vapi (binding) file/s, which
version/repo of GIMP should I download? Please specify exact url link
of the resource to avoid possible mixup.

Question 2: Please specify path of the folder/folder-tree where GIMP
header files are stored.

You need gimp-ui-3.0.vapi and gimp-3.0.vapi;also bable-0.1.vapi and
gegl-0.4.vapi; on Linux these end up in $PREFIX/share/vala/vapi - i'm
not sure about Windows installs, sorry, maybe someone else can help
with that. But they should be included.

You'll also want to find gimptool-2.99; this has an option to build a
plugin from source, although i don't know if it  works for vala i don't
see why not. You may need to generate the C first using vala, as you
found. I found examples on the Web of people using gimptool in MINGW.

You should have everything you need, depending on where you got gimp.

It's  more  of a mess than usual right now for gimp 2.99.x or gimp 3,
as a lot of API stuff is in transition to 3.0 and instrospection.


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