[Gimp-developer] gimp: GEGL-WARNING: ..[] EEEEeEeek! 1 GeglBuffers leaked

I recently installed Ubuntu 20.4, which comes with 2.10.18.
I tried to edit a screenshot of a typescript I had made (a
png file).  I had made a rectangular selection of a part of
the screenshot, and when I wanted to save this selection of
the typescript I got the message:
gimp: GEGL-WARNING: (../gegl/buffer/gegl-tile-handler-cache.c:1076):gegl_tile_cache_destroy: runtime check failed:
(g_queue_is_empty (&cache_queue))
EEEEeEeek! 1 GeglBuffers leaked

The error I experienced (and can reproduce as often as I
wish) looks like the one experienced by Elle Stone
"GeglBuffer leaks when using GIMP to cut a selection
Submitted by Elle Stone @ellestone

Link to original bug (#770241)"

It looks to me like if there is an error in gimp when making
rectangular selections and saving these to disk, and I report
this in the hope it helps to solve this.

Julien Michielsen
julien michkloo xs4all nl

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