Re: [Gimp-developer] GIMP Workshop, Denmark 2020, GG Festival

On Wed, Nov 6, 2019 at 10:22 PM Merete Jensen via gimp-developer-list
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I talked to one of your "colleagues" on Facebook the other day and they
sent me this email, since you were all a bit busy with the new release -
Which is understandable :)

 I was contacted by GG Festival who wants me to join them in February and
setup a creative workshop, where I'll be using GIMP to teach the basics and
help the interested guests to make art that they can later receive on a
sticker or other, to bring home with them.

Last year they sold around 640 weekend tickets for the event (Not including
guest/one day tickets). The event is mainly targeted at kids from 8-15
years old.

The reason why I contacted you guys, was to make sure this was ok for me to
do. According to the answer on Facebook it's was all good.

Absolutely :) Give us the URL for the event, and we'll do extra PR for
your workshop on the social media too :)

I also wanted to know if there's a chance you guys would throw in some
pins, stickers, keyhangers or other "merch" like it, to hand out to the
guests at the event. All to make your name more visual. :) This is what I
was asked to email you about. :)

We _probably_ have some stickers around. Simon Budig would be the best
guy to talk to about the merch.


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