Re: [Gimp-developer] Can I import from pdf?

On 11/1/19 4:22 AM, Ash Fitchett via gimp-developer-list wrote:

Hi Ash,

I am an average computer user.  I use an i-mac laptop and have files in pdf format that I wish to change 
into jpeg.  Can this be done using Gimp?  I would like to create a jpeg image of individual pages.

you should be able to  do this - when opening the PDF file in GIMP you
get a dialog where you can select what pages to load in what resolution
to render them in, and then this has happened you can export the image
as shown as a JPEG file.

There are different approaches and tools that can make this a lot
faster, especially if you have PDF files with many pages or many files -
ImageMagick is a common go-to utility for this and available for many

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