[Gimp-developer] marking a document/image as dirty/changed in a plugin

I'm writing a plugin that adds some metadata to an image (gimp document).

The metadata is added as a "parasite".

I can see in the api, libgimp/gimpimage_pdb.h, how you can test if an image
is dirty, via gimp_image_is_dirty(image_id).  I can also see how you can
mark an image as clean (gimp_image_clean_all(image_id).  But i don't see
how you can mark an image as dirty.  I would like to do this so that if you
attempt to close an image without saving, gimp will ask you to save your
image first.

I'm adding the metadata using gimp_image_attach_parasite( image_id,

I'm using the c interface, although i imagine any language will face
similar issues.

I'm using gimp 2.10.8 on debian 10.

Thanks in advance for any info or advice.


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