Re: [Gimp-developer] We need a missing feature.

It is possible to move otherwise unrelated layers if they are set as
"linked" -
To mark a layer as "linked", one should click just to the right of the
"eye" icon
on the layers dialog - a chain Icon shows up.

All layers marked with the chain Icon will move (or be transformed) as a
"temporary" group,
regardless of which actual layer group they belong too.

On Wed, 27 Mar 2019 at 15:12, Maxime Martyr via gimp-developer-list <
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Greetings Gimp developers!

I am trying to convince friends that open-source software Gimp can replace
proprietary software Adobe Photoshop.

They like Gimp but they say it misses a feature which make it unsatisfying
to replace Photoshop.

They say Gimp doesn't allow them to move several layers at once and that
really annoys them to have to move each layer one by one.

So I searched if the feature that they need exists and I found that it is
possible to create groups of layers to move several layers at once as a

They answered that they knew this feature already but they need to move
several layers from different groups at once so they need to move several
layers at once not independently from groups.

Then I told them that I was going to ask to Gimp developers if they could
add this feature and so here I am.

Dear Gimp developers, could you please add the possibility to move several
layers at once independently from groups?

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