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[Disclaimer : 1)my knowledge of AI os limited 2) Just another Gimp user.
Not a Gimp dev]

just dropping a couple of ideas here

1) Back and white to colour:

If we train a NN on black and white images and their colour equivalents,
will it be able to generate colour photos fro, black and white?

Would it be a specialized form of style transfer?

2) Do you know of any algorithms which can separate different objects in
the image to different layers?
Probable detect and separate humans.
Another related separation is separating different parts of the face
Yet another separation could be simply based on the guessed depth of the

3) That brings us to :

Is it possible to use AI to get(guess) a depth map of the image? This could
be useful in making the depth of focus a bit shallower(limited capability,
of course) , place objects in-front of/behind objects, etc.. , Shift camera
perspective a little, etc.  3d scene aware object cut and paste (with
perspective change of object) anyone??!

4) Noise removal:

Is it better to do noise removal using AI?

On Wed, Mar 27, 2019, 11:41 PM Liam R. E. Quin <liam fromoldbooks org wrote:

On Mon, 2019-01-21 at 19:23 +0530, Maitraya Bhattacharyya via gimp-
developer-list wrote:

Now to train these neural nets, I will have to prepare a dataset
of low resolution and high resolution images and divide them into
testing and validation sets.

If it helps, i have high resolution versions of most of the images on - usually i sell them, but i can donate
some if would be of use. Most are engravings, up to 20,000 pixels on a
side in many cases.

This leads me to wonder whether we could make a “libre” image training

It also leads me to wonder whether a neural net could be trained to
clean up scanned images.

Liam (slave ankh)

Liam Quin,
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