[Gimp-developer] Dialog layers

hi everybody,

I rewrite my GIMP-cours for 2.10 so I al last found some time to have a
closer look on GIMP and it's new features.

The first thing that made me puzzle, if it is a feature or a bug was in
the dialog for layers. On the top, directly unter the Oppacety are three
Icons for closing layerfeatures

The first Icon is a brush, which in 2.8 closed the pixels on the layer,
but let you draw on transparency. Now, it doesn't do that anymore. It
closes everything pixels as well as transparency.

I'm using GIMP 2.8 on XUbuntu 18.04 PPA Ottokesselgulasch (german)

I asked a friend to try it on Windows, but it works the same on windows
as on linux.

Thank you for your time an hard work you put on GIMP.

Yours Anke Lange


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