Re: [Gimp-developer] Building GIMP master fails because of missing gobject-introspection

On 07/29/2019 04:14 AM, Steve Pricks wrote:


I was trying to build GIMP master (commit f74320d4dc5e92351001cd44c4380c95725eccd5).
Configure failed with this message:

checking for gobject-introspection... configure: error: gobject-introspection-1.0 is not installed

Configure failed or did not finish!

It also happened when I pass the parameter --enable-introspection=no
Interestingly having the Debian package gobject-introspection (version 1.58) installed didn't have an effect.
After installing the package libgirepository1.0-dev it works, but it seems that the handling of the parameter 
--enable-introspection=no is buggy (or if introspection is required, then it should not be possible to 
disable it).


I don't have an answer except that checking the latest commits introspection does now look to be required:

I do have a question: Could someone please explain what introspection actually is or does? And why it's now required for GIMP instead of optional? I've looked "introspection" up on the internet several times over the last few years - all the explanations I've seen just seem like a bunch of gibberish words all lined up into gibberish paragraphs.


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