[Gimp-developer] Question on Plugins

Hello GIMP-dev-Team

first of all I want to thank you for your brilliant work on the new GIMP 2.10. It has become a very nice replacement for 2.8 wich I really loved.

Now I come to my questions:

I'm using Xubuntu 18.04 LTS and unfortunately GIMP 2.10 didn't make it into the repositorey my guess is, it wasn't ready to to go the stable Linix at the time of featureclose in Ubuntu. So I'm using the flatpack-version.

On this version, I can't install david batch prosessing or GAP. Is it just a problem with the flatpack or are these two plugins noch compatible with 2.10 yet. In that case, I would like to ask you, if there are any plans to make these two plugins compatible?

I thank you very much for any answers.

Anke Lange


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