Re: [Gimp-developer] Is there any way to free Gimp memory and avoid restarting it?

Øyvind Kolås wrote:

If you need to restrict the amount of memory GIMP is permitted to use
(before swapping tiles of the image out to disk and being slower) you
should adjust the tile-cache-size in GIMP's preferences.

Well, you do want GIMP to use the memory if it needs it.

Apart from memory leaks which are bugs, GIMP/GEGL are telling the used
memory allocators that memory is no longer used - lower levels of the
stack however do not free up used memory. By design allocators tend to
keep freed memory around for reuse in future allocation calls,

But this is not very social to other programs running on the same machine, is
it?  I have noticed this behavior of GIMP myself before, and also thought this
is not how it should be...

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