Re: [Gimp-developer] Is there any way to free Gimp memory and avoid restarting it?

El 1/2/19 a las 23:15, jEsuSdA 8) escribió:

When editing several images in Gimp (10Mpixels each one), Gimp consumes memory little by little (sometime not so little by little ;) ) and this memory does not get free instead the images where closed.

So, after few time using Gimp, it consumes ALL MEMORY available and I must close and start again.

Is there any way to force Gimp to free memory?

Why if I open a image, when I close it after editing the memory used by Gimp for this image is not liberated?

I mean, if I load an image and the Gimp memory consumption increases 400MB, and I open another one (another 400MB more), I expect when I close the first one, Gimp should free the 400MB of memory reserved to the first image edition. Is something working wrong?

This is a very important think to me because I usually do long editing session where I could retouch about 50 images and, obviously is very annoying to close and restart Gimp every 5 or 6 processed images.

Thanks a lot.

GIMP 2.10.8 over Debian GNU/Linux (Testing)

Here some screenshots:

After opening and editing 3 images (10Mpix each one):

3 opened images = 4.4 GB of memory

Here, after opening, edit AND CLOSE 4 more images:

3 opened images = 6.3 GB of memory

Thanks! ;)

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