[Gimp-developer] Is there any way to free Gimp memory and avoid restarting it?


When editing several images in Gimp (10Mpixels each one), Gimp consumes memory little by little (sometime not so little by little ;) ) and this memory does not get free instead the images where closed.

So, after few time using Gimp, it consumes ALL MEMORY available and I must close and start again.

Is there any way to force Gimp to free memory?

Why if I open a image, when I close it after editing the memory used by Gimp for this image is not liberated?

I mean, if I load an image and the Gimp memory consumption increases 400MB, and I open another one (another 400MB more), I expect when I close the first one, Gimp should free the 400MB of memory reserved to the first image edition. Is something working wrong?

This is a very important think to me because I usually do long editing session where I could retouch about 50 images and, obviously is very annoying to close and restart Gimp every 5 or 6 processed images.

Thanks a lot.

GIMP 2.10.8 over Debian GNU/Linux (Testing)

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