[Gimp-developer] Spyrogimp plugin rewrite


Long ago, I have written a Spyrogimp plugin in scheme. The plugin is
currently included in gimp (under Filters -> Render -> Spyrogimp). Now I
have done a rewrite in python which I hope is a big improvement:

* It provides immediate feedback, by incremental drawing to a temporary
* Supports using more tools to draw the pattern (e.g. stroke).
* You can use a non-rectangular selection to serve as the shape of the
"fixed ring". This is done by converting the selection to a path. If the
path has more than one stroke, then a pattern is drawn only for one of
them. ( I might improve that in the near future).
* There is an additional way to specify the pattern, that is compatible
with the notation in the toy kit Spirograph manuals.
* Lots of tooltips

If you want to try it, you can download it here:

Feedback is welcome.


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