[Gimp-developer] Information about a donation you've received from the Tuxcoin project

Hello, My name is Colin aka SecretRecipe. I am a member of the Tuxcoin
project dev-team and I am contacting you because The GIMP Team/project was
voted for by our community to receive a small donation from our project.
This time the donation was in the form of BTC, future donations may not be
in the form of BTC but instead another Crypto entirely.
Your project is also eligible to be voted for again by the community again
at another point in time.

Here is a link to the BTC TX:

Brief info on our project:

Tuxcoin is a cryptocurrency intended to support Open-Source Software
projects. The project teams that receive donations are free to do with the
cryptocurrency as they will. These donations will further encourage OSS
growth and adoption which is a key component to our digital future.

With that said, we just wanted to thank you guys for doing such great work.
I will include some more information below if you want to check us out.
Also; maybe in the future we can have a discussion about some other stuff
related to your project(s) and ours. Thank you!

-Sincerely, Colin.
Discord Username: SecretRecipe#7739


Our BitcoinTalk Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4798513
Our GitHub/Wallet: https://github.com/bleach86/tuxcoin-V2

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