[Gimp-developer] GIMP 2.10.6 on Mac OS

There seems to be some recent changes that I cannot figure out. I'm
bundling 2.10.6 as I've done before (see McGimp 2.10.4 etc.). However, now
there is a new twist. All plug-ins results in the following error message:

babl-model.c:362 const Babl *babl_model(const char *)()
        const Babl *babl_model(const char *)("RGBA"): you must call
babl_init first
sh: gdb: command not found

I don't know why this is happening only in 2.10.6 and didn't happen in
2.10.4. Also, why is it looking for gdb on a Mac? The usual Mac debugger is

I know my build is fine and I can launch from the command line. But that's
not an App bundle.

Any help on how I can rectify this?


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