[Gimp-developer] RAW data enquiry


My name is Tyler Prior. I’m a digital artist focusing on the dualities of data and the links that can be 
drawn from them on both personal and socio-political topics.

I’m trying to write a programme where I can show the live changes of RAW data when it is simultaneously 
experienced as both .wav and .raw (a methodically similar example would be data-bending). However, I can’t 
find a way to interpret RAW data as an image the same way in which both GIMP and Photoshop does (open -> raw 
image data -> set pixel dimensions - see example).

I'm interested in this function in particular: `raw_load_gray()` that parses RAW 8 bit data 
 do you have comment or eresources for the thinking behind the function?

I look forward to hearing from you.


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