Re: [Gimp-developer] Regressions

Thanks for your reply.

While I have created the bug report, I don't think this one is a major
issue. There are work-arounds (in most cases you
can just flip the path..., and there are also scripts to reverse the
path direction).

This bug is just an example.
I think all regressions, data loss problems and most crashes are major.
When a user updates from 2.8 to 2.10 he expects that everything keeps working.
I've been looking in to bug tracker and i've seen many cases of users
who had to go back to
2.8 because 2.10 still have important regressions. Until that it's not
fixed, 2.10 can't be considered stable.
I can't recommend anybody to update to 2.10 when I know some things
that where working are not
working anymore.

Gimp is mostly community-based, and the community isn't helping much.
The code change that creates the bug is two years old, so this bug has
been around in the 2.9 version and the 2.10 release candidates,  and no
one encountered it? Reporting bugs is a service to developers... It's
almost a way to thank them :)

I Know all that. I know that nobody is working on Gimp full time.
I already contributed with code to some open source projects and already replied
to some Gimp issues with ideas to help fix some bugs.
I'am just trying to help with some ideas to improve bug triage. It's
all I can do for now.
Adding the tags I suggested It's a way to get more attention to the
regressions so they are not forgotten.
Then hire 1 guy for 1 month full time. Should be enough for most regressions.

I'am still hoping for a reply from schumaml or one of the main developers.


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