Re: [Gimp-developer] Curious about GIMP-2.10 bugs on Windows

On 05/11/2018 09:06 AM, Elle Stone wrote:

Are some/many/most of the problems being reported for GIMP-2.10 on Windows, only specific to Windows?

Or are these bug reports by Windows users simply bugs that weren't detected by various people running GIMP-2.9/GIMP-2.10-rc/GIMP-2.10 on Linux?

Someone sent me a private email in response to my list post, suggesting that more people use Windows, than use GIMP (I don't know if that person actually intended to send a private email or not, so I'm not quoting).

I have no clue whether more people use GIMP on Windows than on Linux. But either way my questions remain:

Are most of these "post release of 2.10" bug reports specific to GIMP on Windows? or do they also affect GIMP on Linux?

Was there such an influx of Windows(-only?) bug reports for 2.8, compared to 2.10?

Best regards,

Elle Stone
Color management and free/libre photography

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