[Gimp-developer] Curious about GIMP-2.10 bugs on Windows

Before the release of GIMP-2.10, it seems to me that very few bug reports were filed for GIMP-2.9/2.10 that were specific to Windows.

Are some/many/most of the problems being reported for GIMP-2.10 on Windows, only specific to Windows?

Or are these bug reports by Windows users simply bugs that weren't detected by various people running GIMP-2.9/GIMP-2.10-rc/GIMP-2.10 on Linux?

Context of these questions:

Well, mostly I'm just curious. A couple of years ago I subscribed to GIMP bug reports, so I've seen all the bugs filed for GIMP-2.9/GIMP-2.10 for the last couple of years. And since the release of 2.10, it seems like almost all the new bug reports are from Windows users.

I didn't see all the bugs filed for GIMP-2.8, neither before nor after the initial release of GIMP-2.8. When GIMP-2.8 was released, were there as many problems with GIMP-2.8 on Windows, as there are with the release of GIMP-2.10?


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