Re: [Gimp-developer] Paths, selections, and stroking

Dov Grobgeld (dov grobgeld gmail com) wrote:
My guess is that this happens is that the original ellipse is first reduced
from a contour to a bitmap "selection", and then the edges of this bitmap
is somehow traced.

On the other hand the result may be improved by instead of stroking the
selection, you convert the selection to a "path" and then stroke the path.
This approach is practically identical to the Inkscape result:
[image: stroke-path.png]
But why are these different? What use then is stroke selection? Shouldn't
stroke selection use the same algorithm?

You're right: Stroking a selection means, that the stroke follows the
"marching ants" exactly, which means that there are a lot of 90° turns,
which are executed according to the line-join property. Especially with
the "miter" join style this leads to a pretty significant change in
the perceived stroke width. It is slightly better with the "round" join

I've tried ages ago to address this problem, but it turns out it really
is hard. There is some discussionn of this problem in

I hope this helps,
              simon budig de    

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