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On Mon, Mar 26, 2018 at 6:08 PM, Ofnuts <ofnuts gmx com> wrote:

On 03/26/18 00:45, alexandre prokoudine gmail com wrote:

I've invited you to fill out the following form:
Participation at Apple Developer Program

To fill it out, visit:


We&#39;d like to know opinions of all developers and contributors of
GIMP, but not everyone is on IRC. Please vote :)

P.S. Collecting emails in this form is disabled. It&#39;s safe to vote.


Did we try to get in touch with Apple developer relations and see if they
would give us a rebate or even complete waive the fee? That would be good
PR for them...

For the record, I did try to get in touch with Apple some time ago (may
have been a year ago, or more, or less, I don't remember), and I didn't get
any answer.
Or maybe I had an answer to a first email who told me to send an email to
another address, but I didn't get an answer from this second contact. Or
something like that, I can't remember exactly.

Bottom line: they don't care, and they didn't answer.

I feel that anyone who believes that Apple would even care about us is
misled. What are we compared to Apple? Nothing. Seriously what is the PR
for them here?
Now I'm happy to be wrong. Maybe I wrote to the wrong contacts (I don't
know anyone from the "inside", and simply tried to get through the official
contact media). Maybe they would sponsor. Maybe they would even donate more
as João believes possible. I don't believe so, but I may just be

As for answering, I think I will just vote "I don't care".

But really for me, this is hiding the real issue: we have barely no macOS
developers. We have mostly a single dev caring for macOS, but his time is
very limited (which is not a problem, everyone has one's priority and he
does already a lot). For instance, 10 days ago, I made some changes to
macOS code, hoping for a macOS developer or one of third party packagers to
test the change. Nothing happened until today, just before the release (as
expected, things needed to be fixed).
So it looks a bit funny to me to be discussing how to better package for an
OS when we have nearly none to improve things for this said OS.

What I would love is for people who wants GIMP on macOS to actually *care*
for their OS (not "care" by *saying* "I care" but by actual action, i.e.
the real meaning of "caring"). If we had a few developers fixing regularly
GIMP for macOS, improving things, etc. then these people would want to get
a proper signed package for this platform, I'd be happy for us to have an
official account, even if I completely agree with Mitch that it is really
garbage that we have to pay for real good and clean Free Software; this is
shameful from this company. Yet if we have actual people giving of their
time, and really showing their care, I'd still say It would make sense.

But right now, we are discussing paying to distribute a version of GIMP
which is barely kept alive. This is a bit doing things in the wrong order


P.S.: most of what I said can be said for the Windows build too. Well
actually we seem to have slightly more love for this build, yet barely.
Only GIMP on GNU/Linux (and *BSD seems to have people watching closely too)
is actually very well maintained with a huge flow of fixes and improvements.

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